Movin’ on Up

I just put this blog in to be published on Kindle. So – welcome to all the lovely Kindle owners who are giving me a try. I will make every effort to entertain you.


Getting Noticed



My blogs aren’t the most scintillating pieces of literature to ever hit the internet, but I try to make them entertaining and interesting. I write this blog for a couple of reasons. The first is that I want to entertain the reader, or catch their interest, but as with all my writing, I want to move them in some way, either to laughter, or to tears, or just to think. Most of all, I want my readers to want to read more of my writing.

Those of you who have read me before know that I’m working on a novel. I was told the other day that I can publish it through Amazon direct to Kindle (the whole publishing world probably already knew this but I’m always the last to know). I think that’s awesome, and I’ve already found an editor I can afford (because while I think every word that comes out of my keyboard is a pearl, that’s really not the case, and I need an objective eye to cut it back). But I still have the same problem as any new writer: getting noticed. How can I sell my book if no one has ever heard of me?
And that is the third, mercenary reason I write my blog. To get people to know my name, to know who I am and how I write, so that when I finally get the first installment of my trilogy (I’m working on a trilogy of erotica, putting the big novel on the back burner once again for business reasons) people will want to read it.

So, aside from this blog, which is read by maybe ten people (I don’t know much about promotion) I’m breaking things up into three sections, novellas probably around 150 pages each, and I am hoping that, with the right description, people will be willing to pay between $0.99 -$3.99 to read the first one and that, once they’ve come to know the characters in the first book, they’ll be willing and maybe even eager to buy the second and third.

It’s not a porn trilogy, and it’s not even a soft core bondage trilogy like another author did (I won’t mention any names). I know I will not be repetitive, because my editor is an ace at being honest and telling me if I’ve started repeating myself or gotten sloppy. It will be erotic, and I don’t pull punches with my erotica it will be explicit. But not disgusting. Because erotica is an art form of its own and it takes skill and talent to write a trilogy of erotica that won’t have the reader snoozing by chapter 2.

Anne Rice is my role model. She started off writing erotica, and now look at her. I am by no means saying that I’m as talented a writer as Mrs. Rice, nor am I saying that I’ll be going on to write great vampire and other horror fiction. What I AM saying is that erotica can be done in a way that is not offensive but serves its purpose, which is to move the reader, generally sexually but also to care about the characters. I don’t want to write a Harlequin romance with explicit sex; I intend to write a work that has a plot, and a really good story, and characters that will want the reader to come back for more.

So back to getting noticed. If you find one of my blog posts entertaining or interesting or funny, please, please share it among your social networks. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but I only reach so many people on my own friends’ lists or circles (although I have been trying to add more of my LinkedIn contacts, especially the ones in advertising and publishing). If even five people were to share my writing with their friends, those friends might be moved to share it with THEIR friends, and on it goes, until some people know my writing other than the people I pester every day to read my blog. I should probably pester them to SHARE my blog, but I hate doing that. So I do it here.

I’m really not good at self-promotion, but I am trying so hard to make a living as a working writer, and I need your help. Please share blog posts of mine that you like. Please click the like on Facebook button, and please follow me. If you guys help me, I’ll give you a free preview of some of the hotter scenes in the trilogy. Yes, I’m begging and yes, I’m bribing. I suck at promotion.

And that is why I am not in advertising.