Snow Day!


I woke up yesterday morning and saw the above from my bedroom window.  It was still snowing, and there was about 4 inches already on the ground. The snow was coming down heavily, and it was obvious that, aside from policemen, nurses, and other emergency personnel, nobody was going anywhere.

I was pissed off. I had the day off and now I couldn’t go anywhere. I wandered around the house in my pajamas, wanting to punch someone in the neck. I ate a bowl of Special K with frozen strawberries, and got annoyed that the strawberries were warm from the microwave, messing up my cold milk thing that I have with cereal (I should post that on The Epicurean, though).

Then I went to the mailbox and found a Netflix envelope, with “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” in it. I decided to watch it after lunch, and I spent two hours curled in a chair, with hot coffee, watching an amazing  movie, and watching the snow fall softly and steadily on the bushes outside my window.


And as Pollyannaish as this sounds, I felt serene and peaceful, after that two hour interval. I mean, how often do adults get an enforced snow day? A day when we can stay in our pajamas, watch nature do her work and create a spun sugar world outside your window and, just for a little while, you feel like a princess in a Disney movie, where the whole wide world is white and you’re waiting for your prince to ride up and give you the kiss of true love, and that will make spring come.


It makes me feel terrible that I can enjoy all this from my warm living room while there are people out there literally freezing to death. But I do what I can to help the homeless, and just because there is ugliness in the world, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take time to appreciate what’s beautiful.

This morning everything is frozen, like an ice palace, and it’s sparkling in the sunlight. Prince Charming will have a slippery ride, and perhaps he should drive a Range Rover instead of a horse. But nothing is closed, so I will put on my grown up clothes, deposit the movie in the mailbox, and get on with my day.

I will buy a coffee and a sandwich for the homeless man that lives behind my program, and I will once again tell him about better ways than the streets, and give him numbers of people that can help him, and I will offer him my phone, and he will not listen to me. But I’ll do it again every day. Maybe it will help, maybe not.

But I will still try to appreciate the beauty of the day around me, the sparkling ice-coated trees, and I’ll be laughing at myself and my friends as we slip-slide our way down the sidewalk to get lunch.

Everybody needs a chance to act like a kid. Snow does that. Maybe I’ll build a snowman when I get home.

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Have a great day. And if you’re anywhere where there is snow, throw a snowball at someone! Be a kid again, just for a little while.