I use the company name Persephone’s Pen, but my name is Maureen Refior, and I am now a professional, full time freelance writer. What that means is I spend a lot of my time getting work from various sites and writing anything from erotica (which I adore writing) to content for auto repair websites (which I adore not so much). And at the end of the day, when I have time to myself, I work on my latest project, which is a series of erotic fairy tales and fables that I intend to publish to Kindle via Amazon. I hope you enjoy my blog (I also have a food blog at http://accidentalgastronomer.wordpress.com/) and that you will follow me and add to the discussion. I write this blog for fun, not for shameless self-promotion, but I WILL be posting snippets of my various stories for your pleasure and also for comments on what works and what doesn’t. And to all the writers out there who may stumble across this blog: it took me years to get to be able to write professionally and I’m STILL not where I want to be, but the mere fact that I can put words together for a living is unbelievable and so much better than pushing paper or waiting tables, so NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAM. Keep focusing on it, and it will become a reality.


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